Saturday, December 20, 2008

Warning: These Drugs May Alter Your Ability to Send Coherent Emails

I did my third round of chemotherapy last week, which ran through the weekend, and hit me harder then any of the previous 14 treatments. Fortunately, the worst of it has passed, and I am feeling a lot better.

I finished the three day treatment on Saturday night, slept straight through Sunday and Monday, and only vaguely remember Tuesday. One of the side-effects of a drug in the chemotherapy cocktail I have been given, is disorientation, which typically manifests worse in older adults. I was convinced I had avoided this side-effect altogether, until Thursday, when I sent my friend Debra a card to apologize for missing her birthday last Saturday. As it turns out, I didn’t miss her birthday, I just didn’t remember emailing her. A quick scan of my gmail sent folder revealed that I actually did quite a bit of correspondence on Saturday...and I’d like to take this opportunity to publicly apologize for any content therein.

Just prior to starting chemo, I completed the remaining diagnostic tests and received the results quickly, thanks to the excellent team of doctors, nurses and techs at Northwestern. The scans revealed that chemo has worked very well, and that I am near a complete remission. These are the best test results I could have hoped for, heading into the transplant, as the efficacy of chemo is the best indicator of how successful the transplant will be. I am hoping to start the transplant as soon as possible, though my body has to rebound from this last round of chemo before beginning the process, which may take a couple of weeks. I was really relieved and happy to get these good test results – and happy to be able to share the good news with all of you.


Emily Goodstein said...

is it odd that i am really excited to be the FIRST person to comment on this entry?! we are celebrating with a 2 foot version of you here in DC. check to see our good times. xxoo

Sammie said...

Great news and a great way to go into Hanukkah! Yay!

JulieFink said...

I'd like to see a top 10 list of the things you can't believe you said over email this weekend. I mean... that's such good news Froman!! Really I am so thrilled and excited for you.

Jamie Malyn said...

Yes! So glad to hear this great news- very excited for you and your body that this process is almost over. Is it strange that I'm jealous I didn't get a drugged out email from you AND have no Flat Froman of my own?! Excited that we'll both be back in DC soon :)

the mol said...

Happy Hanukkah! That's such great news! David is having chemo this weekend (so we're going to have a Hanukkah party in the hospital) and he's doing well this time, unlike last time, when we all caught a stomach virus.

Gideon Bob said...

Good to read good news. GLad you have a caring team helpin you fight the good fight. You know I'm around if you're up for socializing these next 2 weeks. Robert's in town two and both of us are totally unscheduled. I know that may be too much to handle, but would be pretty great.

Happy lights festival. Burn on, you crazzzy diamond.

Debra said...

This is amazing amazing news! Even better news than receiving two lovely birthday emails from you :) Stay strong, miss you!


Harboring thoughts said...

Great news about the test results. I, too, regret I didn't get one of those weirdo emails that would be great to share at a later date.

Rest, let people pamper you, enjoy the Hanukkah lights and all they symbolize, rest, read, be proud of your strength and courage, then rest some more. Such wonderful, wonderful news.