Thursday, July 29, 2010

SWHAW Gets a Facelift

You may have noticed that She Who Has a Why just got some pretty fancy renovations. Big thanks to my talented blogging/tech savvy friends Kate and Emily for their help. In addition to aesthetic changes, I have also added a feature that some of you have asked about in the past: you can now receive email updates each time that I put up a new post, containing the text of that post. All you have to do is enter your email in the box at the top right corner of the blog, then click through on the verification email that you receive shortly after.
Communicating this experience - the details, the plans, the decisions, the pain and the lessons learned - is sometimes hard for me. But it's part of my healing process as much as it's also a means of updating my friends and family, and serving as a resource for folks facing similar challenges.
Thank you all for following along.

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julia s. said...

This looks great, Elissa. It would be hard for any design to match the beauty of your powerful words...but this is a pretty decent attempt. :)