Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Test Results

I'm glad to report that following cycle 3 of IVEG chemotherapy, I am feeling pretty well and back at work and life. I'm also busy trying to make plans for the next steps. After cycle 2 of IVEG, I repeated PET/CT scans, the only measure of treatment success or failure with Hodgkin's treatment. My tests showed that there is significant improvement (a partial remission) but not complete success. As we move toward the goal of beginning the transplant, we are planning to repeat the tests in a couple of weeks, hoping that cycle 3 results in more progress. Depending on those results, we'll either make plans to proceed to the transplant (the exact date is of course, dependent on the donor's availability) or do some additional short course of therapy before the transplant. While it's anxiety-inducing to not yet have firm plans, (anxiety further fueled by the election results) I am hopeful that those plans will come together in the coming weeks.


Suburban Sweetheart said...

I miss you. And am so glad you blog so that I can keep up with your health updates. But I need OTHER LIFE UPDATES. So let's make time to catch up, OK? <3 Are you still in Believeland this month???

Harboring thoughts said...

Glad you are feeling well after round three.

Don't think about the elections! Enough to send anyone back to bed, with covers over the head for the next two years.