Sunday, January 11, 2009

Day Four

Things are going well. The staff and amenities are continually impressive. I just finished my third day of chemo, and so far haven't had any terrible side effects. By the numbers, I've been in the hospital for 4 days now, which, in the language of the transplant, actually means day -5 (day 0 marks the re-infusion of the stem cells). My room contains seating for 5, 2 flat screen TVs, 6 garbage cans, 2 sinks, and 2 picture windows, through which I can see a sliver of Lake Michigan and Lake Shore Drive. Thanks to those of you who've stopped by, written and called. 


Sammie said...

not bad...but are you watching both TV's at once?

Harboring thoughts said...

Relieved to hear that three days in to the mega-chemo you are not having big side effects.

Gwen's trip to Israel going well. Only minor, minor changes to trip have been made due to war. No traveling on her own, however, and no disco dancing.

Glad to hear your mother's chicken soup is outstanding. That is powerful stuff. Perhaps she will post her chicken soup secrets on your blog--I can always use a few tips.


Anonymous said...

I'm a little confused about the number of garbage cans. I mean, that's a lot of garbage cans and it's not like that's where they put the sharps.

Uses for extra garbage cans:
Turn them over for extra seating.
Use them if the chemo makes you nauseous and you can't get to the bathroom.
Make them into party hats.
Put them all the way down over your face and scare visitors.

Anybody else?

Debbie said...

I am keeping tabs on you, lady, and am thinking of you literally every day! Your spirit and conviction to beat this are remarkable and while this sounds weird, I am really glad you're in the high-dose chemo now -- because it means you're almost there, ready to cross the finish line, ready to come back to your life here in DC with all your friends who miss and love you. I just KNOW you're going to come through this with flying colors.

Baby Matty sends you mushy hugs and slobbery kisses and can't wait to see you when you get back. He's walking now!

Love, love, and more love,