Monday, May 30, 2011

Counts Coming Up

The big news here is that my white blood cell counts have already started coming up which means, amongst other positive things, that my immune system is slowly restoring and that I may be able to leave the hospital for more recuperation at my parent's home, this week! Beyond the small set-back of a fever yesterday, which is very much expected when the immune system is so low, everything is going smoothly.

Meanwhile, I pass the time by trying as best I can to keep in touch with all of you and listening to a lot of
a 24-hour nature channel that shows calming scenery of flora and fauna, with accompanying light, soothing music. And I sleep. A lot.

Thanks as always, for your visits, cards, packages and communications in their many forms. Even more than the CARE Channel, you're getting me through this.


Joy said...

Hooray!!!! Fingers crossed that those counts keep going up! Visualizing white blood cells! (BTW, love the NCJW Memorial Day press release!)

JanetheWriter said...

Glad to hear this good news! I hope that as your counts continue to go up, and we finish the counting of the omer, you quickly find yourself out of a narrow place in a wide, wonderful expanse!

Harboring thoughts said...

I am so thrilled that your counts are going in the right direction! Fabulous news for all of us. Keep talking to those white blood cells and tell them we all need you back in the world. Meanwhile, don't underestimate the power of sleep--healing for the body and helps the soul. Watch that C.A.R.E. station and visualize calmness and strength.

Elissa said...

Thanks for all the encouragement! I'm excited!

julia s. said...

Very belated, but... this just lifted up my whole day. Thank you for keeping us posted here. So much love from NYC!